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Kochia Prostrata

Deer grazing on grass and immigrant forage kochia
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Welcome to kochiaseed.com. The purpose of this website is both informational and commercial. Visitors may access those specific areas of interest as regards Kochia prostrata and the only current release of this species in the United States, "Immigrant". The scientific community has transferred Kochia prostrata in 1999 to the Bassia genus. However, the plant is still commonly referred to as Kochia prostrata or forage kochia.

Where topics are informational, we have endeavored to represent the works of those scientists who have contributed most to our current knowledge of this plant.

We are growers and seed producers of minor seed crops, chief of which is certified Kochia prostrata. There are several factors which influence our ability to produce this crop in an efficient manner; these deal specifically with location and management techniques. Our operations are in a portion of the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington known as the East High area. We have allowed for input to this site by way of e-mail and would respect any inputs, whether they be positive or negative, informational or commercial in nature. Your interest in this subject is appreciated and we stand ready to fulfill any of your requirements for certified Kochia prostrata seed.

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